J. L. Prevost's Collection des Fleurs et des Fruits

These early stipple engravings are from Jean Louis Prevost's work Collection des Fleurs et des Fruits, published in Paris by Vilquin in 1805.

Dunthorne describes it as, "a work of outstanding importance and interest...issued for the specific purpose of maintaining the great French tradition for excellence of design and draughtsmanship. Perhaps no other prints are more worthy of carrying on the tradition of Jean Baptiste and van Spaendonck than these fine examples of Prévost. Whether bouquets or sprays of flowers or fruit, they possess a splendour and freshness amounting almost to fragrance, which is largely due to the quality of the colour printing" (Dunthorne, p. 33).

In addition to some color printing, Louis Charles Ruotte applied hand-coloring to each engraving. The work was begun to assist designers in composition of porcelain and fabric. The flowers featured in each plate were typically grouped together by blooming seasons. Prevost's work continued in the excellence of predecessors of French design.